Savile Row Unisex Fashion Revolution in A Business Ma’am World

I love rocking a trouser/male inspired look every blue moon. It makes me feel empowered and stronger as a young woman. I am quite intrigued with the idea of traditional men’s fashion tailored for women. The concept of blurring the stereotypical line truly represenFall's hottest trends for 2018 with Teen Fashion Blogger Gabrielle ts how the millennial generation has changed the way we think of American culture such as accepting people for whatever lifestyle choices they choose to embrace for themselves. More and more people are accepting of everyone’s distinct style and what makes them feel comfortable.

One fashion trend is the Savile Row style that showcases the slow evolution of what is now acceptable for a woman to wear. This idea originated near a central London street in the mid-1800s and 1900s. Savile Row is famous for being the center of the tailoring trade in Britain. The upper-class style of the Row helped in developing this fashion movement. Savile Row’s refined fashion statement is usually associated with royalty and high-class professionals.  It incorporates the illusion of a long waist and narrow shoulders. This made it very appealing to many women at the time. The Savile era didn’t try to combine both but rather added a manly appeal with a feminine-like fit. Early in its rollout, famous celebrities such as Madonna and the Queen saw the potential in Savile Row clothing. There are quite a few creative adjustments that designers make to compliment the female body. A tailor named Edward Sexton found that a trouser pant was very flattering on a woman’s body. The famous Britain model, Twiggy, was one of the many that Sexton designed this look for. Madonna put her own spin on this tailored look by rocking a three-piece tweed suit. A three-piece suit can be done in a variety of ways. You can do a classic three-piece tweed with or without a layer or you can do a skirt instead of pants. Another option is to find a tweed inspired suit dress that has similar patterns or textures as the traditional tweed jacket. Many others have worn variations of a morning coat and a miniskirt with heels. Your morning coat can go with anything whether it’s a pair of jeans or a cute skirt.  Add a pop of color to a patterned morning coat like Princess Kate wears. You could also go classic black or a cool suede color for a relaxed look. Cutting cashmere jackets short are also a must have for women right now. Cropped cashmere jackets are very chic and classy. They are very comfortable but can be dressy at the same time. This style is great as an accent piece or as a way to spice up a casual look. The Savile Row look can also be achieved by adding accessories such as fedoras, double-breasted vest, or neck ties to a tailored skirt or even jeans. Fall's hottest trends for 2018 with Teen Fashion Blogger Gabrielle

Photographer: LaScotia Pinkney @eyeseeyourbeauty00

The Savile Row unisex trend is so exciting and fresh that I’m sure it will be a tremendous success. This trend was mainly known for being a top pick for men in the workplace. Now women can wear this look in their work settings. The style is so versatile that you can wear it to any event such as a girl’s night out or a casual first date. I hope you fashion divas take in every minute of this Savile Row trend like  I will. Until the next fashion adventure… continue to be “Savilous.”

Fall's hottest trends for 2018 with Teen Fashion Blogger Gabrielle


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